Many thanks to Jackie and all the staff who made my daughter's 40th Birthday Party such a brilliant night!!!
-review by Wendy Whiteman
Hi all just want to say a big thank you to jacie and kev and the team that worked on our wedding reception the whole day was just perfect. The staff was so helpfull. The food was fantastic, everything we asked for we got nothing was too much trouble. If any one is looking for a venue to have a party then the Beauty of bath is it. great team, great owners great venue THANK YOU ALL. Col and Tracie Carey
-review by Colin Carey
i know that this might seem a bit hipocritical but being an memeber of the staff at the beauty is a great honour i have only worked here for a year but it has been a great year of my life met a lot of realy great people and have made a lot of good friends , i hope this continues, jackie and kevin are great people to work for and socialise with, i always enjoy saturday evenings once i have finished in the kitchen, having a couple of beers and listening to the many great groups that we have playing in the pub, (it just makes it a bit difficult to get back to work early sunday) to do the ever increasing numbers for sunday lunch. i am looking forward to many new things coming up (so watch this space) Stuart the Chef.
-review by stuart lancashire
The Mammals were great again saturday night, loved every song, got the crowd going, good night out.
-review by jo dighton
We saw Damage Case last night and what a fantastic band. Well done lads for providing fab entertainment. Quality of songs & performance was excellent. See you around soon.
-review by Rebecca Stowell
My fiance and i regularly use the BoB for all purposes (drinking, eating & Live music), so i thought it was the ideal place to take the boss for lunch on his last day. I printed off the downloadable menu and showed it to the rest of my colleagues. They were all very impressed with the range of food available for a weekday lunchtime. I booked via the online ordering service for 10 people, for the food to be served at 1.30pm. The food came out at 1.30pm and everybody enjoyed their meals. They all said how nice the pub was and how helpful the staff were (Darren & Chris out front and not forgetting the staff we didn't see who were working hard in the kitchen). Well done The Beauty of Bath - Top marks! Becca & Mick Loose Change
-review by Rebecca S
well i have been visiting the beauty for years,i even used to be part of the dart team ......many years ago,well time passes you bring up a young family and you forget about going out....well i did,so recently my partner and i came and had a meal at the beauty and i was blown away the food was great and there is still that nice warm atmosphire there when i first came to the beauty when i was about 9/10 ? yes that was when it had an off-licence i used to bring the empty lemonade bottles back !i can nearly name everyone that used to use the pub then i still remember them dearly.
-review by Patricia L
Hi, I visit the Beauty quite a lot to chill and have a nice cold pint by myself, but have taken my children as well on occassions, as well as the trouble and strife, and they all rave about the great baguettes and although I have not sampled one myself they always look fantastic and great value for money. Staff are always nice and friendly as well. Keep up the good work.
-review by Nigel S
Great food on every visit. Specials boards always have something different on offer, so you will never get bored with the menu. Welcoming staff, even to the children, who can eat during early evening.
-review by Alison S
Best pint of Masterbrew locally, in fact all the Real Ales are well kept, Food is what I call Good Pub Grub and excellent value.
-review by Mick C
Spent an evening recently at "BoB" - had great evening! Its nice to find a local pub that doesn't view a "punch up" as the entertainment! Instead saw a great band called, "Get Carter". Also, the food is excellent, the prices are genuine and realistic - hey - lets face it - if you want "cheap" go to Wetherspoons - if you want affordable, quality food then eat here! NB. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Chicken and Ham Pie. Also, the Theme Nights are a great idea! How many pubs round Sittingbourne offer something different? Sadly I missed the Mexican night, but am looking forward to the next night............... So sad the Pub is tucked away! People are missing out - can't think of many pubs that offer such wide variety - mind you there is always The Dancing Dog.......................!!!
-review by Mick C